Gaelle Fehlmann

Behavioural Ecologist

Welcome !

In our current world, humans are more and more coming into contact with wildlife. Biodiversity is declining worldwide as a vast range of species have to either reduces their home range, or simply declines because they cannot cope with human alteration on their habitat. But, I am not going to talk about these species here.

I am a behavioural ecologist fascinated by how

animal species adapt and thrive in human altered landscapes.

Here, I am presenting my work, which is combining several aspects of ecology to understand the complex challenges that animal species encounter when adapting to a human altered habitat, focussing mainly on urban areas. Using cutting edge technology (mostly GPS and accelerometers), behavioural observations and experiments, I aim to better understand how species move through these new environment to find food, how they interact together when rules have changed, and what are the cognitive processes underlying these outstanding change in their behaviour.

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